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Composite Window Installation

If you’re looking for wood-alternative windows, composite windows are definitely something worth looking into. Unlike wood, composite windows won’t rot, warp, fade, flake, blister or peel. They are made from a mix of plastic and organic materials, assuring you the best of both worlds.

Andersen Windows is known as one of the oldest window companies in America. Andersen offers some of the most elegant designs and features you can find in a wood window.  Our largest and most custom designs used today often have to come from Andersen because they are the only manufacturer that makes them.  From Wood to Fibrex to Aluminum, Andersen has access to make just about any style of window needed for the application.

Interstate is a very unique product as it has the look and design of a wood window but made entirely out of solid cellular PVC.  This gives it the strength of wood and the durability of PVC.  Its advanced design and competitive price to wood windows makes it ideal for many historical areas in Hampton Roads.

Composite Is Better Than Wood

Simply put, composite windows give you the elegant appearance of wood, without the hassle. They excel in extreme temperatures, remaining stable in high heat as well as freezing cold. At high temperatures, these type of windows won’t warp or sag. At low temperatures, they will neither shrink nor turn brittle. The result is a replacement window material that looks good and stays efficient for a lifetime.

If you love the look of natural wood, no other material can match a composite windows ability to match wood’s appearance. From unique grain patterns to color streaks, our windows perfectly capture the innate elegance and beauty of wood.

Love how wood fades over time? Composite does that, too. The wood content in these windows is what allows this natural fade to happen, giving the material a beautiful aged appearance as time passes.


Choose the Right Installers

Now that you know what composite windows have in store for you, you need to make sure your windows are installed by a certified professional to get the most out of your investment. A good composite window installer like Better View Windows and More can guarantee the quality of the window products they provide, along with the workmanship involved.


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STAR-Certified Windows

Approximately 15% of an average home’s wall space is comprised of windows, making them prime candidates for curb appeal enhancers and energy efficiency boosters. An ENERGY STAR® sticker on the window means it uses 20 to 30 percent less energy than regular windows. In order to enjoy all of the benefits ENERGY STAR-certified window has to offer, it has to be properly installed by a qualified contractor. Better View Windows and More is locally owned company with an expansive catalog of premium window products. We also offer exceptional window installation services.

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Why Choose Composite Windows?

No other window material can match there ability to match wood’s appearance

Love how wood fades over time? Composite does that, too

The wood content in composite windows is what allows this natural fade to happen

Quality composite windows perfectly capture the innate elegance and beauty of wood

We have it ALL! Composite, Vinyl, Aluminum, Fibrex, Fiberglass, Wood

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