In the home improvement world, window replacement is a favorite because it’s one of the least disruptive. But just like other projects, proper planning is paramount. It involves a lot of consideration, which is critical to pull off with as little stress as possible.

Window Replacement

If you’re tackling window replacement for the first time, Better View Windows and More talks about the things you should expect:

Product Selection

The industry has no shortage of product options which is a good problem to have. You only need to understand the differences among materials and glazing systems to determine the windows that make sense to your situation. Guided by your unique functional and aesthetic needs, pick the products that offer the healthiest trade-off among durability, beauty, energy efficiency, sustainability, affordability and maintenance.

Permit Application

Ask your local building department to find out whether you need to pull a permit for your window installation project. Considering the latest fire egress codes, there’s a good chance you need the authorities to greenlight the construction first. Set your application in motion ASAP to avoid permit delays and keep your project on schedule.

Installation Scheduling

In regards to scheduling, the usual timeline of window replacement projects is two to three days. Sometimes, though, the installation might take longer to complete due to several reasons, like inclement weather.

Job Site Preparation

Professionals are paid to do the heavy lifting from beginning to end, but decluttering the work areas prior to construction helps. This way, you can provide the crew clear pathways and get rid of tripping hazards. Give installers space for the truck and equipment too. Anything you can safely do to help the crew work efficiently would be appreciated.

Unforeseen Damage

Unexpected structural challenges can stall the installation of your replacement windows. Nothing might arise, but there’s no telling whether there are underlying issues that must be resolved first before the construction starts. Be psychologically and financially ready for contingencies to minimize stress.

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