What Should Your Roofing Estimate Say:

Roofing estimates come in different formats, but they all serve one purpose: to tell you everything you need to know about your project and how a contractor might handle it. Think of them as shortened contracts containing few but sufficient details necessary to make a sound hiring decision.

Your Roofing Estimate

How do you know if the proposal you receive is adequate? Any trustworthy roofing and siding contractor, including Better View Windows and More, knows that it should spell these things out:

Cost Breakdown

A good roofing bid shouldn’t just contain a ballpark estimate of the project’s total cost; it should include the specific expenses too. It should outline the material, labor, permit, cleanup and disposal costs.

Project Timeline

Barring unexpected events, like inclement weather, experienced roofing contractors should give you a clue about how long the job will take to complete. The start and completion dates indicate whether or not the cost of labor your prospective roofer charges is reasonable.

Material Information

Your estimate should provide a basic list of the products you’re going to buy. It should indicate the type of roofing materials, like slates or shingles, underlayment, flashing and ventilation. It should also say at least the name or a brief description of the product and workmanship warranties you’re supposed to get.

Responsibility List

You don’t have to wait for the actual contract to understand the scope of work involved in the project. It should tell you what your prospective roofer will and won’t do.

Proof of License and Insurance

Whether you’re buying a complete roofing system or doors, you should only hire a licensed and insured installer. Reliable companies will proactively provide verifiable proof of their credentials, which usually goes along with the bid.

A roofing proposal alone doesn’t represent everything you need to know about a contractor, but it says a lot. To receive a FREE detailed estimate in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, VA, call Better View Windows and More at (757) 655-3017.