Modern windows can help make your home more comfortable and save you money due to their energy efficiency. While many replacement windows use different frame materials, they mostly come with low-emissivity or low-e glass, which is the main component that gives them their energy-efficient properties.Understanding How Low-Emissivity Glass Can Save You Money

Better View Windows and More, top window replacement expert, discusses how low-e glass works.

What Is Low-E Glass?

Low-emissivity glass or low-e glass is a special window glass that can minimize the amount of ultraviolet light and infrared light that passes through the glass. Low-e glass does this without minimizing the transmission of visible light. Low-e glass features a microscopically thin and transparent coating that reflects long-wave infrared energy, or heat away from the glass. When solar heat tries to enter your home during the summer, the coating reflects it back. The reverse also happens during winter.

You can compare low-e glass to a thermos bottle, which has a silver lining that keeps the temperature of the drink it contains from escaping. The bottle maintains the drink’s temperature because of constant heat reflection. The air space between the inner and outer shells creates further insulation. Low-e glass packages have a similar construction. As a window installation expert, we recommend low-e glass because it can help reduce the workload on your utility system.

How Will It Benefit You?

Our windows have low-e glass that prevents solar heat from entering your home, and interior heat from escaping your home. This can reduce the workload on your utility systems during both summer and winter. This reduced workload means that your utilities can more easily maintain your desired indoor temperature and will consume less energy. To complement low-e coatings, our windows are also weathertight so air and energy cannot escape through the window.

You can rely on Better View Windows and More to provide you with durable and beautiful replacement windows that can improve your home’s energy efficiency. With our windows, you can expect to enjoy more energy savings in the coming year.

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