Just because vinyl’s color are fade-resistant doesn’t mean they don’t need maintenance. Vinyl’s characteristic bold colors can still be dampened by stains and marks. Better View Windows and More, one of the top roofing contractors in the state, lists some of the causes of vinyl discoloration and ways to restore the vibrancy of your vinyl siding below.

The Common Causes of Vinyl Siding Discoloration

Algae and Fungi Streaks

Dark and damp spots on vinyl siding are conducive to algae and fungi growth. Fortunately, the worst the two can do is leave unsightly green, brown and black stains on your siding. However, their presence can hint at a more serious problem. Insects and rot also favor dark and damp spots and although vinyl is resistant to rot and moisture, your home’s underside isn’t. Just to be on the safe side, check the area underneath your siding to see if there’s an insect infestation or rot there.

Some mild soap and a good scrubbing are usually enough to get rid of algae and fungi. More stubborn stains might mean the stains were caused by mold, which would require a stronger cleaning solution.

To prevent the algae from returning, trim nearby trees and shrubbery responsible for those dark and damp spots.

Smoke and Dirt Build-Up

Over time, smoke and dirt can build up on parts of your exterior, namely your doors and siding, causing brown and black stains that can dull their aesthetic appeal. Like algae and fungi, the streaks can be easily removed with a good scrubbing.

Red-Brown Rainwater Runoff

Red streaks on vinyl siding are most likely caused by water runoff from behind your siding. The water’s red-brown rusty colors come from the wood sheathing’s tannings. These red streaks are often common after winter: as the frost behind your siding thaws, water colored red by chemical from your siding’s finish drips down. If your siding experiences these red streaks frequently, however, you need to consult a qualified contractor.

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