Aluminum frames for replacement windows took center stage at the peak of the residential construction boom of the 90s. One of the advantages of aluminum window frames was the lightweight and durable metal became an affordable alternative to the then-expensive vinyl and fiber cement framing materials. These days, the high thermal conductivity of aluminum frames made it a poor choice for energy efficient homes— that is, until new technologies have improved on its insulating properties.

Aluminum Window Frames

Let our experienced window specialists at Better View Windows and More discuss the many advantages of this versatile window frame material.

Modern Aluminum Frames

When choosing among the many window replacement options, homeowners prioritize light and air over frame materials. This makes sense because these are two primary functions of any good window product. With this in mind, you want to maximize the glass area of a window to allow more light to enter. Larger glass areas also allow for bigger operable parts, which means better air circulation and ventilation.

The unique combination of low-weight and strength of aluminum makes it the ideal option for maximizing the amount of light and air that a window allows through. To this end, modern architecture has given aluminum frames a well-deserved spotlight in many of the new home designs you see today.

Advantages of Aluminum Frames

Compared to wood, aluminum is practically invulnerable to rot and water damage. With the right coating, it can even withstand years of UV exposure, needing fewer repaintings throughout its incredible long lifetime. Vinyl and fiber cement can be good energy efficient alternatives, but their benefits come at a high price point. This makes aluminum a good choice for homeowners who want high-quality performance within a reasonable budget.

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