Window replacement jobs can be an overwhelming task to undertake, especially when trying to decide what window style you want. In fact, choosing can be so difficult to the point that the opinions of friends and relatives can be of little to no help. Thankfully, there’s a way to get as informed as possible when it comes to your options. Simonton windows’ 3 window options and their benefits help.

In this post, Better View Windows and More discusses the three window options from Simonton Windows and their individual benefits.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the classic window choices that homeowners gravitate to thanks to its functionality. If you need ventilation, all you have to do is use the attached crank to open it, making this window style accessible even behind hard to reach places like a kitchen sink. Its weather resistance and energy efficiency are additional factors that propel its popularity. Casement windows can often be seen in traditional home styles like Craftsman homes, Tudor, Cape Cod, or Colonial style.

Double Hung Windows

Aside from casement windows, double-hung windows are another style preferred by many homeowners during window installation jobs. This is because they not only suit every homeowners’ functionality and ventilation needs but also because they’re very easy to clean. Since they can open from the bottom up or the top down, they offer optimal airflow and ventilation for your home. Like the casement window, traditional home styles, such as the Cape Cod, Victorian, Colonial, or Tudor, are the best suited for this window.

Sliding Windows

On the other hand, sliding windows are another good alternative to other available window options. They’re easy to open and their classic design makes them suit contemporary style homes. The slider window is also ideal for tight spaces in your home that need sufficient airflow and natural light. This window type often suits modern home styles such as mid-century modern, prairie, or ranch homes.

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