How to Reduce Condensation Problems in Replacement Windows

One problem a siding contractor or any other type of builder almost never encounters is condensation. How to reduce condensation problems in replacement windows. Condensation is mostly observed on windows and it’s a result of warm moist air meeting a cold surface. In most high-performance replacement windows, this is rarely an issue. However, when they do occur, they are often a symptom of a much bigger problem.

Clear Windows

Summer and winter are two notorious seasons for condensation problems. So this season, let our remodeling specialists at Better View Windows and More show you a few ways to combat condensation in your windows.

Double-Pane Vs. Single-Pane Windows

Condensation can occur in almost all types of glazing, but they are more pronounced on single-pane windows. You can avoid these types of problems by choosing a double-pane variant as the lamination prevents heat from effectively passing through to the other side and causing nearby air to condense. The double-pane glass on windows and doors are also usually heavily insulated to further protect against temperature fluctuations.

Gas-Fill Choices

Double-pane windows are often comprised of two sheets of glass laminating a very tiny amount of gas. This gas is commonly Krypton or Argon, but other inert gases can also be used. The gas increases the insulating properties of a normal window pane, reducing the visible effects of condensation regardless of what the indoor and outdoor temperatures are.

Warm-Edge Technology

Some high-end replacement window products carry a “warm edge” insulation at the edges of their glazing. While most visible condensation appears at the surface on the middle of the window, the edges themselves are prone to water seepage and, subsequently, window failure.

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