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When planning your glass door replacement project, it’s important to know that you have a wide variety of options available. Perhaps you want to imbue your entryway with some added functionality and style. Fortunately, sliding glass doors offer both. Get in touch with Better View Windows And More and explore the possibility of installing sliding glass doors on your home today.


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Why Choose Sliding Glass Doors?

These types of doors are the ultimate space saver. They operate without a hinge, as they will simply glide along a track when you need to open or close. This means that you don’t need extra space to swing your door open. Aside from that, they create a seamless link between the two spaces they connect. As an exterior door, sliding doors make it easy to bring the outdoors inside. Because of the large glass panes, you get a panoramic view of the landscape beyond your home.

Sliding glass doors also come with these additional benefits:

  • Energy efficiency – They are fitted with gaskets that act as a weather and sound barrier, ensuring your indoor temperature doesn’t escape.
  • Safety – Modern sliding doors have shatterproof safety glass for better safety and security.
  • Natural light – You get to save on your lighting bills during the day because of the great amount of natural light that sliding doors let in.
  • Easy access – The gliding motion allows easier operation than traditional swinging doors.
  • Style – They add an instant contemporary look to any home.



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You’re sure to appreciate the fine quality of the premium sliding glass doors we have in stock at Better View Windows and More, and with the expertise of our door installers, you’re guaranteed to have a sliding glass door that will function optimally for many years to come. Call us or use the information on our Contact page to reach us and talk about sliding glass door installation.



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