There’s nothing too complex about the design of a picture window – it’s a simple rectangular glass pane that typically does not open. So why do many people want them in their homes? Why is this type of window replacement so special? Learn more about combining other window styles with picture windows.

Combining Other Window Styles with Picture Windows

Its simplicity is actually its secret weapon. Here at Better View Windows and More, we’ve witnessed homes go through a complete metamorphosis with the addition of such windows. They are versatile, meaning they can stand on their own or combine with other window styles.

Learn about other styles of replacement windows that can be paired with picture windows to enhance your home’s interior. Read on to find out more.

Casement Windows

Casement windows can be a perfect combination for picture windows as they increase ventilation and natural light. Unlike picture windows, you can fully open casement windows to let air and light in, sometimes requiring the need for insect screens for mosquito protection. Homeowners can also choose from a variety of designs such as flat top, French, pushout, Colonial grille and prairie grille to match their home’s interior architecture.

Double-Hung Windows

Another ideal window to pair with picture windows is double-hung windows. These windows are compatible with most home designs and come in different sizes and shapes, offering homeowners a myriad of choices. Double-hung windows also come with tilt-out sashes that make maintenance easier, homeowners can clean both inside and outside of the window from inside the home.

Custom Windows

Unlike standard windows, custom windows allow you to create the design you need for your home. In case you are looking for a window that has the exact specs you want, then custom windows can be the perfect pair for your picture windows.

Better View Windows and More can install picture windows in different areas of your home and combine them with other window types. They are a great home investment to have and a great way to add beauty to your interiors. For a quality window installation, trust Better View Windows and More.

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