5 Tips to Reduce Window Replacement Stress When Remodeling

Ready to finally remodel your home exactly as you’ve always dreamed of? That excitement can quickly turn to stress as you face ballooning budgets, strangers traipsing in and out of your home and endless other little everyday issues. Reduce window replacement stress. Here are some tips to help, so stress doesn’t totally take over your life.

Window Replacement

1. Be Realistic

Work with what you’ve got. If you’re looking at a small space, think cozy. Don’t dream of a glamorous spa with floor-to-ceiling windows if all you’ve got is a tiny space. Can’t afford those huge replacement windows? Don’t fret, look at some more realistic alternatives for now.

2. Stick to a Budget

Whatever you plan on spending, tack another 10 percent on for unplanned expenses. Visit showrooms to see what you can afford to buy. To get a better idea of which window installation will fit your budget, don’t hesitate to ask for the best deal.

3. Find a Good Contractor

Ask friends, relatives, colleagues or your designer, if you have one, for recommendations, then carefully check references to gauge both the contractor’s work and his reliability. Find yourself a  fully insured and bonded contractor and get all agreements in writing. Be clear on payment schedules, securing permits, upfront payments required for materials, and all other details. Also set ground rules for the workers you hire for your windows replacement to properly seal off the work area (and workers’ access) from the rest of the house.

4. Waiting Times

Some of the materials you need may take longer to arrive. Some mistakes in ordering can and will be made. Make sure to follow suppliers up on the ETA of your product and similarly, keep your contractor abreast about changes in timelines. Always be polite in asking for accountability, whether from your suppliers or your contractor.

5. The Small Stuff

Don’t sweat them. Those plaster crumbs, wood splinters and dust will soon be gone; your contractors will take care of everything after your renovation. This will typically include waste disposal, a general vacuum and a mop-up.

Find the right contractor, and they’ll be out of your hair before you know it, leaving you to better enjoy your newly renovated space and dream windows. Better View Windows and More can help you with your window installation needs. Call us today at (757) 655-3017 to reduce window replacement stress. You may also fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. We serve residents of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, VA.